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Uni-Wall – An Innovative, High Performing Unitized Curtainwall System.

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We are pleased to announce that, in mid 2010, we acquired the unitized curtain wall system (Uni-Wall) from Architectural Glazing Technologies. Uni-Wall unitized curtain wall system has been developed with over 20 years of experience in factory-glazed system construction. Cherry Hill Glass partners with Bellwether Design Technologies to provide the same level of excellence in the design and engineering for which AGT was known. Bellwether Design Technologies was also founded in 2010 by key executives of AGT. The Uni-Wall system is designed for projects of all sizes. We produce assembled and glazed panels in a factory-controlled environment, which can be simply "snapped" together on site allowing for a weatherproof installation.

What are the significant benefits of Uni-Wall?

1. Superior Performance
The Uni-Wall system is factory-assembled, sealed, and glazed. It provides superior performance in terms of movement, load bearing capacity and water penetration.

2. Reduced Installation Times
Installing your project effectively and efficiently is key to controlling cost and staying on schedule. We reduce your installation time by shipping out completely fabricated and glazed panels, ready to be installed. If the corner geometry is complex, we can also design corner panels to be shipped already assembled to reduce time in the field.

3. Flexibility
A custom anchor system allows you to adjust the units in three different directions to align the panels. This allows for variations in the structure of the building.

4. Adaptability
Uni-Wall has different system sizes and we can design custom shapes to meet project requirements. Also, the panels can be customized to include much more than just glass. Our panels can accommodate metal panels, terracotta, external shading systems and window washing channels.

5. Maintainability
The system is designed to be reglazed from the outside. The captured system has gaskets designed to roll off and back on, if a lite ever needs to be replaced.


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